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Report Toaster + Order Tagger: Tags with Superpowers

Updated: May 9, 2022

Tags are one of the most oft-used and flexible features available to Shopify merchants. There are literally thousands of ways to utilize tags, and in fact, here is a primer on just a few of them. But the process of tagging in Shopify is manual, so it can be tedious and time-consuming.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to automate the tagging process?

Dramatic pause...

Of course, we have a solution! (this wouldn't be much of a blog post otherwise).

The Order Tagger app from Shop Circle adds the power of automation to order tags. Order Tagger allows merchants to create unlimited workflows to add tags based on line items, delivery date, zip code, order attributes, inventory levels, existing tags, and more.

That's a lot of power! But what if we told you there was more? Consider this definition from Webster's:

superpower: excessive or superior power

Today, we'd like to announce a new partnership, one which will give your tags superpowers: Report Toaster + Order Tagger.

First, the Power

Before we can have superpowers, we must have power. So let's dig into the power of Order Tagger a bit.

Order Tagger allows merchants to create workflows which will be used to automatically tag orders. Each of these workflows has important components, as described below.


When the workflow will run; e.g. order creation, fulfillment, refund, etc.


Rules that define the qualifications for an order to be tagged. This is where the real power is realized. There are hundreds of attributes related to an order, including its line items, products, transactions, and customer.

These rules can be combined using AND/OR operators to tag specific orders as required.

Tags to Add/Remove

Any number of tags can be added or removed as the result of a workflow. Tags can even be added to orders that DO NOT match the workflow!

Best of all, the tags can use dynamic data, which can combine values from the order with static text. E.g. the postal code of an order could be combined with the text "zip", resulting in the tag of "zip-90210" whenever Andrea Zuckerman places an order.

Scheduled Removal or Deactivation

Want to remove the added tags after a period of time? Workflows can be designed to do that. They can also be deactivated after a certain period of time, so they only run until you want them to stop.


Next, the Ease

None of that power would matter if merchants can't figure out how to use it. That's why Order Tagger has over 40 preset workflows.

These preset workflows can either be used as-is or customized to meet the merchant's needs. Easy peasy!


Finally, the Superpowers

We promised superpowers and we intend to deliver. The downside of all these tags is that Shopify has very limited abilities when it comes to actually making use of them.

But that's exactly where Report Toaster comes in!

As we wrote about in this article, Report Toaster provides filtering and reporting capabilities for tags that Shopify doesn't have. Let's cover a few of them.

Superpower #1: Order List Filter

All merchants should be familiar with the order list in the Shopify admin. For anyone unfamiliar, it's essentially a listing of all orders which can be filtered and sorted as necessary to help merchants accomplish whatever the task at hand may be.

The order list can be filtered by orders containing (or not containing) a specific tag. Unfortunately, the filtering is limited to a single tag, so it is very limited. Report Toaster expands upon these basic filtering options with the following operators.

  1. One of - This operator allows a merchant to filter orders that contain one of a list of tags. For example, a merchant could filter orders with any one of the "color-blue", "color-green" or "color-red" tags.

  2. Not one of - This operator allows a merchant to filter orders that do not contain one of a list of tags. For example, a merchant could filter orders without any one of the "color-blue", "color-green" or "color-red" tags.

  3. Contains - This operator allows a merchant to filter orders that contain tags matching some text. For example, a merchant could filter orders with tags containing the text "color". (We even have a neat trick to allow "does not contains" for more advanced users.)

But that's not all! The Order List report in Report Toaster includes a link on the order number which leads to the order detail screen in Shopify admin. This allows merchants to manage their workflow from right within Report Toaster.

Superpower #2: Report Filters

Shopify has a number of reports available in the Analytics section of the Shopify admin. One would think that it would be possible to filter by tags on these reports, but...

As you may have guessed, Report Toaster can filter all reports by tag using the same operators described above.

Sales reports? Yep!

Profit reports? You know it!

Fulfillment reports? Yes again!

Financial, transaction, and marketing reports? Of course!

You probably get the picture by now.

Superpower #3: Summarizing by Tags

Report Toaster can do more than filter by tags. Many merchants find it useful to summarize sales, profits and other metrics by tags.

See the screenshot above from our pre-built Sales by Tags report. Another capability not available in Shopify, but available on all reports in Report Toaster.


Be a Superhero

Shopify provides the flexibility, Order Tagger brings the power and Report Toaster adds the superpowers. Put them all together and you can be a Tag Superhero!

If you're a current user of either Report Toaster or Order Tagger, then you know we pride ourselves on being available to our customers. If you have questions or feedback about this partnership, please reach out via one of our respective support channels.

Report Toaster via Email, Knowledge Base, or in-app Live Chat.

Order Tagger via Help Center, or in-app Live Chat.

That's it for now, but keep your eyes posted for more information about this partnership in the future!

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