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Data You Can't Get From Shopify: Volume 3

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

One of our goals with Report Toaster is to provide Shopify merchants with data they can't get from Shopify. When we do, we will write about it. This is the next installment in what has now become a series; Data You Can't Get From Shopify: Volume 3.

This version will cover shipping costs, net profit and customer addresses.

Shipping Costs

One of Shopify's most useful and popular services is Shopify Shipping. The service allows merchants to buy and print shipping labels from a number of different providers at discounted rates. Given it's a native service, one would expect the ability to report on the costs of labels purchased via Shopify Shipping. Not so fast my friend!

While the cost of the label is displayed on Shopify's order detail page, it's buried in the events section. That's a good start, at least the information is available. But what if you need to calculate all of your shipping costs, or better yet your profit/loss from shipping?

Report Toaster to the rescue! We now track shipping costs for labels created with Shopify Shipping. See the report below showing the shipping amount paid by the customer along with the actual shipping cost.

Now merchants can measure their profit/loss on shipping and know when they need to make adjustments to their shipping prices. Better yet, we can now track net profit for an order.


Net Profit

Assuming you are an avid reader of our blog, you read our first volume detailing Product Cost and Gross Profit. If for some reason you didn't read it, allow me to summarize.

Gross profit can be calculated by calculating your net sales minus your product cost. This is a great metric and very useful for product pricing. Let's build on that and take it to the next level!

Report Toaster can now calculate an order's net profit for merchants using Shopify Shipping and Shopify Payments/Paypal.

  • Net Profit: Calculated as gross profit + (shipping price - shipping cost) - transaction fees. For example, if your gross profit is $50, shipping price $8, shipping cost $5 and transaction fees $1.80, then net profit (calculated as $50 + ($8 - $5) - $1.80) would be $51.20.

  • Net Profit Margin: Calculated as net profit / net sales. For example if your net profit is $51.20 and your net sales is $94, then your net profit margin (calculated as $51.20 / $94) would be 55%.

For most merchants, this represents a complete picture of their profit for an order. What's more important than that?


Customer Addresses

The address of your customer is such a basic piece of data, one would assume it's widely available for reporting within Shopify. One would be wrong.

While the billing/shipping city, region, country are options to include on some reports, none include the actual customer address. In fact, there are only three places in the Shopify admin that a merchant can find the complete customer address information.

  1. Order detail

  2. Order CSV export

  3. Customer detail

In fact, exporting data out of the system is the only way to retrieve a list of customers which includes addresses.

Report Toaster allows for the inclusion of any customer address component on nearly every report. This includes reports found in any of the following categories:

  • Customers

  • Orders

  • Order Line Items

  • Tax Lines

  • Draft Orders

  • Sales

  • Retail

  • Profit

  • Financial

  • Transactions

  • Marketing

This allows for powerful reports to be created by any portion of the address. Or just create a list of customer information. Genius!


We hope you enjoyed this installment in the series. Stay tuned as we unlock more Shopify data. In the meantime, feel free to read the previous installment.

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