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What is a Report Toaster?!?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Introducing Report Toaster, created by Cloudlab™. The most powerful reporting app available for Shopify merchants.

Introducing Cloudlab™

Before we get into Report Toaster, let me tell you a little bit about Cloudlab™. My partner Phil and I have been working together, on and off, for over 25 years. Both software developers since high school, we have worked in larger companies, but gravitate toward startups, where we've had success developing data-intensive Enterprise SaaS products. It wasn't until our last stint together that we discovered the Shopify platform and all the opportunities it offered development partners. So when it was time to start our next thing, we knew it would include developing apps for Shopify. Thus Cloudlab was born.

Choosing Our First App

As we discussed ideas for our first app, we did a lot of research into existing apps and potential areas of need for Shopify merchants. Of course, based on our backgrounds, we started by looking at what apps provided Shopify merchants with the data they need to make good business decisions. What we found was a lot of apps and integrations which make storefront data available, but very few that present the data in a simplified manner.

At the same time, we discovered many apps focused on the end customer experience, with few that improve the merchant experience. Particularly underserved is the area of back-office automation to increase productivity by eliminating manual tasks.

So we set our sights on providing easy to use, yet powerful, data-driven productivity tools for Shopify merchants. Our first effort: Report Toaster.

Back to the Original Question

So what is Report Toaster?

The most powerful reporting app available for Shopify merchants.


Free Shopify Reporting

At least that's what the marketing guy in me would say. If we were having a conversation, I'd tell you that we are finding ways to harness and simplify the extensive Shopify data model. We've spent months analyzing and distilling the Shopify data into something that can be built upon. Spending extra time absorbing the complexity, knowing that will lead to simplicity for our future merchant partners. With reporting being just the first of many milestones on our roadmap.

Back to the marketing stuff, what are the benefits of using Report Toaster?

Free (Yes FREE!)

Report Toaster includes over 80 pre-built reports, real-time data, multiple export formats, and customer support all for FREE. What's not to like about that?

Easy to Use, Yet Powerful

Unlimited customization using ALL data in your store. Filter, sort, and segment any way you like. Our simple user interface makes it easy!

Save Time and Deliver

Export and download reports as CSV or PDF files to format and share. Not sure how to build a report? Let us do it for you, FREE of charge!

You can learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions or watching our video Tutorials. Or just get started by Installing Our App.

What's Next?

Now that we've released Report Toaster, we will concentrate on our users.

  1. We will start by providing top notch customer support. We want to be immediately accessible to our customers, so we have integrated live chat capabilities into our app. Of course we can still be reached via email, but that seems so 1995.

  2. We will listen to our users and let their feedback determine our course of action. Of course we have a strategic vision for Report Toaster and future products. But if our roadmap isn't driven by what our customers want, what's the point?

  3. We will continue to add features that simplify the lives of Shopify merchants, while allowing them make to better decisions and be more productive. Things like report scheduling and delivery, killer dashboards, automated actions, and ad campaign optimization to name just a few.

Along the way, we will strive to become thought leaders within the Shopify Community. Looking for opportunities to provide value and guide its members whenever possible. Whether that be developing more apps, writing more blog posts, or simply participating in the Facebook and Slack groups. We want Cloudlab to be considered a trusted resource within the Shopify Community.

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